Nam Nam Vietnamese, Brooklyn NY

Posted by Alan Estime on July 15th, 2012 at 2:50:00 AM EDT

Nam Nam

For anyone driving around the hipster area of Williamsburg, you might have driven by this restaurant and not realize it's there. Nam Nam is one of the best new hole in the wall restaurants in Brooklyn, specializing in cheap eat Vietnamese dishes like the famous Bahn Mi (pork chicken or beef Vietnamese sandwich) or the dry noodles with pork strips & vegetables. Their drinks are another thing to rave about, from mango tea to peach tea and a definite try is the lychee Tea, oh! and there's the bubble teas. Nam Nam is one of those places that will get you hooked just off the taste, you'll start finding reasons to go there every other day.

NAM NAM VIETNAMESE, Sandwiches, Teahouses

109B Montrose Ave, Brooklyn 11206 (Btwn Leonard St & Manhattan Ave)

Phone: (718) 302-9200

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